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29. července 2014 v 12:17 | Kittie |  News
Jsem tady s dalšími novinkami z Acaciiných sociálních sítí! :))
"You heard it!!! Make sure you watch tonight! thank to @bongojeans for taking me!!"
"You got my little black heart and it's thawing in your hands."
"high on purp"

"happy // photo by @blackprints♥"
"took over @bongojeans instagram and posted a bunch of photos! go check it out!!"
"ignore my face but these dudes are super cool! So glad I got to meet them tonight!"
"met this cutie tonight @anselelgort"
"Excited to go to the Young Hollywood Awards tonight! I'm taking over the BONGO Instagram page all night long - follow me on the @bongojeans page to see all the action! #BongoHitsHollywood"
Someone drew this super awesome pic of me and I'm so... (✿ ♡ ‿♡)
"outfit on point???¿ (•⊙ω⊙•)"
"hiding so i never have to get up (✿ ♡ ‿♡) top from @nastygal"
"me and @jiffpom just chillin"
"hung out with this dude today @daltonwixom"
"@daltonwixom let me take some photographs of him, and i fancy this one."
"Sorry i like taking pictures of them ♥_♥"
"little kitties ♥_♥"
"*Chief Keef voice* bang bANG"
"filmed with this lil nugget @jiffpom today"
"I have an extra board if anyone wants to join."
"My lil baby"


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